See you later, Fabio!

Utvekslingsstudent i norsk blomstereng.

I ti måneder har Elisabeth og familien vært vertsfamilie for Fabio fra Brasil. Fabio har hatt et veldig vellykket år i Drammen.

Gjennom å reise på utveksling oppstår livslange vennskap, etter å ha lest dette innlegget på Elisabeth sin Facebook side, blir vi hos Explorius enda mer glad i jobben vår!

‘Ten months ago we saw a photo of a young man at the airport terminal that was looking for a host family... we even surprised ourselves as we sent an email offering him to come here. Two weeks later, he moved in, and was supposed to be like a son in our family, one week later you were the son in our family, Fabio! Today, ten months later, we tearfully and sad watched you go through customs at Oslo Airport, to start the long journey home, to your first home!

Fabio, never have I laughed so much as I have done this year! Never have I been so frustrated about another kid that is not biologically mine! Never have I been more proud of a kid that is not biologically mine!  Never ever did I imagine it would be so much fun to have a son in the house and in my life!

Today we didn't say goodbye - we said see you later, and that we will! Fabio, like you said, we will always be your second family and this will always be your second home! We love you and will miss you Take care!’